A few days ago, I noticed one of my crabs, D'mitri, was molting. After a while of letting him recover from the molt, I moved him back into the tank. I then noticed my first hermit crab I've owned, Neptune, had gone MIA (Missing In Action, for those of you who don't know your military acronyms.) Anyway, (I will probably recieve heavy flak from the crabber community for admitting this, but so be it.) I went searching for him. Gently brushing back the substrate in the tank until I found him. I noticed something out of the ordinary with him, first of all he had Eco Earth substrate packed extremely tight in the opening of his shell, completely blocking him from emerging from his shell. I decided to warm up a small bowl of water to let him walk around in to kind of get the (possibly) uncomfortable substrate un-stuck from the inside of his shell. As I was filling the bowl, I took one more look at him and noticed one of his walking claws was exposed now. It was a pink fleshy colour. I hurried and placed him back into the tank, hoping I had not disturbed him too much. Earlier today I checked up on him, he had finished moulting, the substrate previously caked in his shell opening was gone, but I now understood why it had gotten stuck in there in the first place: His defence pincher (The larger of the two pinchers.) was missing. My theory is that he had gotten stressed while molting and simply dropped it off and I am quite certain it was not dropped due to me removing him to try and bathe him (Even though I highly dissaprove of bathing them, they're fully capable of bathing themselves, I WILL do so if it is going to mean life or death for one of my little buddies.). The funny thing was, only recently did I realize that Neptune had been buried RIGHT EXACTLY UNDER the spod D'mitri had buried himself to molt. Molt party of coincidence? YOU DECIDE. He who waits behind the wall is merely a Peeping Tom. 22:56, May 23, 2012 (UTC)