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Goliath, my Australian calico crab.

Welcome to the Hermit crabs R us WikiEdit

Hello and welcome to the Hermit crabs R us wiki. We are dedicated to the research and care of hermit crabs of all kinds. Add and edit articles about how to care for hermit crabs, how to make do-it-yourself hermit crab climbing things or hiding things and more, and articles about the different types of hermit crabs.

    • Every year, once a year there will be a contest, enter your hermit crab in it by sending in a picture or video of your hermit crab and he/she might be picked as the yearly site mascot.**

Hermit crabs are not an easy pet to care for, they're a challange but a fun one. This wiki's soul perpose is to help new crabbers or anyone in need of research tools about hermit crabs. I advise any new crabbers to do extensive research on hermit crabs before getting one, some of aforementioned information will be found on this wiki.

Latest activityEdit

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